Updated Restaurant Dining Policies

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we will only be offering online orders Tuesday-Friday from 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM & Saturday from 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM.  Click here to order now.

When you arrive at the restaurant to pick up your order please call 801-779-4747 and we will gladly bring it out to your car for you.


We realize that it is a stressful time for everyone digesting new and changing information about COVID-19.  We are all faced with decisions that seemed a continent away a couple of weeks ago.

All across SLC small businesses that need each day’s receipts are facing challenges. These are the businesses that make SLC diverse and neighborly. Your cosmetologist or nail tech. Your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or neighborhood bar. There are service workers who depend on tips to meet their bills having to make tough choices.

We can help these neighbors while still practicing safe distance.

  • Using curbside pickup is good and even better when you check in with neighbors who may not have pick up resources. Submit multiple orders to be picked up together. If you are using delivery services, this can be done as well.
  • For those already homebound, who may not be visited by family due to restrictions, bags of groceries or a meal can easily be left at a door with a knock.
  • If your favorite business or restaurant offers gift cards, these would be a way to help friends who may be choosing between food and bills. Many can be purchase online of course. Buy them for yourself to use when you can enjoy a visit. These purchases may help insure that their services will be available in the future.

SLC is a wonderful place to live and work. We look forward to many more years serving you with our family at Alamexo. Thank you SLC for 7 years of love and support.